Monday, June 8, 2015

Letters from Lavenda and Michael


Dear Beverly Sykes,

Receive much greetings fro me.  I hope you are fine in Christ.  I am also doing fine.  I thank you for the letters that you have given to me  They were so nice and I love the pictures that you sent for me.  I also love dogs and happy that you rear them at your home.  I don't have them at home, but my neighbour has them.  They also guide us at home during the night.

I am also happy to see the pictures of your family members and am happy to hear more about your family.  I also have a grandmother who lives with us in the same compound.  My grandfather has died and we are preparing to bury him.  Please pray for my family and my grandmother who has lost her husband.

God bless you and greet.


From Michael is a form letter which starts with blanks to fill in about his school:


I am in one (grade).  My school is one kilometer from my house.  The name of my school is Burumba Primary School.  I go to school by foot.  The color of my school uniform is grey.  My class teacher's name is Madam Shallon. My best friend in school is Joseph Owuor.  The games we play in school are football hide and seek.  The other activities in this term are sports.  What I like best about my school is we go for sport competition every term . My favorite subject in school is mathematics.  After school I like to read story books.

Michael says hello to you.  He says he is grateful that God has enabed him to share with you through this letter.  Michael says he got your last letter and was happy to hear from youy.  He says he likes drawing wild animals.  Michael says he has just celebrated Easter.  He says during Easter celebrations in Kenya, Christians spent most of the time in the church.  He asks how do you celebrate Easter in your country?

Michael says God bless you so much.

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