Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letters from Wainaina, Leniel, and Samuel

Wainaina (Erick) had a breakthrough in the last few letters, where he is starting to write actual letters that aren't just full of the same rhetoric every time.  I loved this letter.  (It helps that he writes in English)

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Hello!  I hope you are doing good  Well, I am so happy today to write  this letter to you.  You know, I like reading books of the old times because of the history and information they contain.  As I was reading a certain poem, I came across a saying that says, "Maybe God wants us to meet a wrong few people before meeting the right ones so that when we finally meet the right person we would know how to be grateful for that gift."  Though many of us find it difficult to accept the fact which is happenng in our daly life, maybe God had/has a reason for the to hapen.

I hope that you and your family are well and safe.  I am so happy today because every day in my life is always bright as a saying that says, "it always takes a smile to make a dog's day brighter."

How was your Easter?  I hope you had the best times ever because mine was fantastic.  I hope to receive more letters soon.

Erick (the first time he has signed his name Erick and not the more formal Wainaina)

Samuel is 9 and also from Kenya:

Dear Beverly Sykes,

Samuel greets you in the name of the lord.  He says he is doing well and he trusts the same applies to you.

He says he appreciates you as his sponsor and keeps on praying for you that God may keep you safe and bless you with long life.

Samuel says he recently celebrated the Easter and asks "did you also celebrate your Easter?"  He says in the project they celebrate the holiday by singing, dancing and praying and also eating some sweets.

Samuel thanks you for your letter and also for the stickers.  "God bless you, my sponsor," he concludes.

Leniel is in the Dominican Republic, and is 8.  He sends a fill in the blank form.

My favorite food is fried chicken.
My favorite color is blue
Other - my favorite animal is a horse
My favorite thing to do is watch TV

Hello Dear Beverly Sykes,

How are you?  I thank you for the letters you send me and also for the books.  I am going to the country this Easter.  I don't know anybody who has turned 100 years old.  I haven't met a pirate. 

My family and I are doig well.  There are no sunflowers.  I enjoy being with my family.  Do you have any animals at home?


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