Thursday, June 25, 2015

Letter from Shallon

Dear Beverly Sykes.,

How are you, dear?

Let me thank God who has given me this golden chance to say hey to you.  Praise God.  I thank God for that.

My family members are greeting you and your family members like Jeri, Ned, and Brianna.

My mother, I am praying to God such that I can get a job and start doing my work because I have finished my course in salooning. [I think she means "saloning," since she was studying hair cutting]

I thank you for your letters and everything you gave to me, like calendar.

You asked how we cook cabbages.  We first cut them in small pieces and then we cook them.

When someone dies, we celebrate the years he/she had.  We also sing church songs and pray for them that God receives them.

I have also seen Mike's photo.  Sorry about his loss.

My mother, don't worry about your good friend Mike.  God is there.  May he rest in internal peace.  Read from Exodus 14:14.  [The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.]

Also, we are in wet season.  How far with the snow I saw it in the letter how it was covering cars and roads.

I hope you are now okay and doing your work.

As for this year, I believe it's holding a lot for us.  Because even the bible says that that comes our way with a thankful heart.  I believe I will be able to earn a living and look after myself.

Otherwise, may God bless you!

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