Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter from Israel

Israel, from Bolivia, is turning into my best, most interesting, letter writer.  One of the advantages of sponsoring older children.

Hi, dear Beverly Sykes,

I greet you with much love and a hug to all your family.

I am very grateful with God because he allowed me to have a sponsor like you.  I also want to thank you for telling me the story of your family.  Also, the pictures of your dogs, Sheila, Lizzie and Polly are beautiful.  I think we have the same likes.  I love dogs too.

Dear Beverly, you are a very lucky mother for having children that love music and love playing musical instruments.  I like music too.  I like playing instruments.  When I was 15, I learned to play the electric guitar (bass) and when I was 16 I learned to play the electric guitar. My brother Javier bought an electric guitar and a pedal. Do you know what a pedal is?  It helps the electric guitar to have effects and distortion.  Javier plays the acoustic guitar.  Samuel is my youngest brother and he likes the piano, but he plays the keyboard.  My father is thinking of buying him a keyboard because the one he used got broken.  My brothers and I belong to the Praise Ministry of our church, its name is Casa de Dios.

The sports I like are basketball, soccer and volleyball.  My favorite sport is volleyball.  After my classes my friends and I play volleyball.  It is fun because I have friends who love this sport.

Let me tell you that this is my last year at school.  After I finish it I am thinking of going to college and I want to study civil engineering because I like constructions and structure of buildings like bridges and so, since I was a little kid.  I always liked the numbers, not theory very much.

When I read your letter, I knew that your granddaughter turned 6 years and I read that she likes reading books.  That is very good because she could be a novel writer.  The pictures you sent me are nice.

We only can trust that the Lord will supply our needs.  I read that your mother is not doing well and I will be praying for her health.  I hope your mother trusts in the Lord because God is our strength, shelter, and protector.

I see you like baseball because you watch your granddaughter's matches.  Brianna's pictures are beautiful.  She looks wonderful with her sport outfit.  I am about to learn what baseball is all about.

I aso saw the pictures of little Friday and his mother Abbie.  The pictures are so good.  Thank you for letting me look at them.

I loved reading the letters and the pictures.  I'll say goodbye with a hug.  May God bless you.


Please, pray for my family so God will bless them.

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